We are sorry that you have received damaged goods or a possible shortage with your order. will work quickly to try and resolve this on your behalf.

Upon placing your order you received an order confirmation with a brief overview on how to accept your shipment. We also included instructions with your tracking email as a friendly reminder as to how to sign for your shipment. With our customers prepared to inspect their shipment upon receiving and taking the proper steps, we can then be prepared to respond to the claim quickly and effectively.

We do require damages and/or shortages to be noted at the time of delivery on all freight shipments. Failure to note damages and/or shortages at the time of delivery makes it extremely difficult to file a successful freight claim on your behalf.

If you have noted damages and/or shortages at the time of delivery and you are still within the 24 hours of receiving your shipment, please proceed with submitting your claim.


Please provide the following information prior to submitting your claim:

  • Order Number
  • Date Shipment was Received
  • Were Damages or Shortages Noted?
  • A Description of the Claim; Damages, Shortages, Incorrect Item, etc.
  • Photos to Support Claim